10 Tips To Plan An Unforgettable Intimate Wedding

      The trend to have a smaller wedding came about in light of the COVID-19 pandemic that affected the whole world.

      Pre-pandemic, we used to photograph and film weddings that can range from 250 guests up to 800 guests.

      Since March of 2020, our couples have their original plans changed, and yes, even the wedding date. Now, they are celebrating smaller with guests that cap to about 50.

      1. Host A Small Wedding

      Hosting a small wedding can be tricky since some of your friends might not attend, but planning it in a small venue allows you to have a small wedding guest list, and telling your friends may be more manageable as your venue will only allow several people.

      2. Skip The Wedding Party or Just Have 1 Pair (Best man and Maid/Matron of Honor)

      The Bridal Party of who we have seen to be the cheering squad and support system of the couple can be part of your guest list instead. They can still support you during your walk on the aisle if you really want them to be there.

      3. Zoom Your Wedding
      Your wedding can be broadcast via Zoom, or any other platform with the use of a simple setup such as a tablet or phone, or your videographer can help you set it up so you’ll have better quality audio and video. This will allow your guests who cannot travel to be part of your special day.

      4. Plus One or No Plus One
      Your friends might want to bring their plus one to enjoy your day with their significant other. However, their plus one might not be a real significant one as in not their fiancé or their spouse. If it’s their date, tell them honestly about your situation and they will understand. Besides, they were invited because they are special to you.

      5.More Time
      Now that your guest list is small, you can now have a way to reach out and spend more time with your guests instead of being in a hurry to chat with your other friend

      "Surround yourself with love,

      not with crowd."

      6. Budget Friendly
      An intimate wedding can help you budget better, and this will allow you to spend more on other things such as your honeymoon and or more alcohol?

      7. Wedding Menu
      Now that you have a smaller guest count, you can give a touch of your love story to your menu that includes your favorite pasta that you and fiancé share or the your favorite pizza from thin crust to unlimited topping. Yes, you may have different food for your guests to relish.

      8. Two Weddings, Instead Of One Huge One
      If it must be that you want to celebrate your nuptials with all of your friends, you can have 2 separate celebrations instead of one big reception. You can plan out a family only celebration and friends only reception.

      9. Activities For Your Guests
      You can plan out a small activities such as scavenger hunt for your guests to enjoy, you may of course infuse it with your love story. It will allow them to also interact with other guests instead of just hanging out by themselves.

      10. Favors
      In lieu of wedding favors, you can opt to just write a card to your guests and let them know that instead of giving away a wedding favor, you have used that money to donate to a charity.

      "Intimate weddings are
      the fun size."