On June 25, we received an email from Tina, and they wanted to have a small, last-minute elopement wedding ceremony. Her dad is sick and battling a severe blood disorder and cancer, and unfortunately, just got a bad diagnosis with a short life expectancy. They were trying to have their ceremony on a rush basis now so that he can for sure be there to walk her down the aisle and witness the marriage. In the middle of a Pandemic and having to worry about her dad, it meant so much for the family as her original wedding in September of 2020 has been postponed due to COVID-19.

      Tina was able to have a moment with her dad during their first look, and you can see his smile and the happiness that was beyond words to contain. Her dream came true when her dad was able to walk her down the aisle, and she was all smiles when she was walking together with him.
      This was an important day of Tina and Brody’s life and was there to witness it. It was a day of celebration and mixed feeling. None of what happens in the future will mean more to them than what happened that 4th of July.

      Tina decided to have us be part of their wedding celebration, and she now has beautiful photos with her dad. She has these memories to keep and share with her kids in the future.

      What would you do to have time with your loved one to celebrate your life’s greatest moment? How will you want to immortalize these wonderful moments with your loved one?

      Greek Orthodox Wedding

      Father and Daughter Wedding First Look

      Father Walking Down The Aisle With Daughter

      Greek Orthodox Ring Ceremony

      Greek Orthodox Wedding Ceremony

      Greek Orthodox Wedding Ritual

      Dad Is Waiting For Her Daughter At A Wedding

      Wedding Couple With Mask

      4th Of July Wedding

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