Do We Edit Your Photos?

      Wedding Photography in Los Angeles and Orange County trends come and go. Pre-wedding engagement sessions have also been predominantly done with style in mind. The style of post-processing has evolved and gone are the days when we process our photo black and white and to leave one item in the photo as colored. I’m pretty sure you have seen some of those.

      Throughout the years we have tried to use a lot of tools to provide exceptional work for our clients and yet, we continued our search until we found Visual Flow Presets for Lightroom. These presets have made our post-processing easier and faster turn around time for our clients so they can enjoy their photos and share it with their family and friends.

      The day that we take our client’s wedding or engagement photos, we must be able to send them a preview of their wedding or engagement right away so they can upload them on social media. So the lesser time that we have to spend on the computer, the faster our clients can receive their sneak peek.

      Visual Flow Presets offer a variety of look that fits our workflow. It renders our work to look cleaner and more beautiful than it ever was. We currently use their Modern and Crush Packs and with the easy to use Retouching Kit, our efficiency has taken a huge leap.

      Needless to say, without proper training in photography such as directing, lighting, capturing the moment, these preset will not work itself out. We are highly skilled photographers who use the tools around us to deliver exceptional wedding photos for our clients.

      Here are some photos that have been processed with the aid of Visual Flow Presets.

      After and Before
      Reflection Bay Wedding in Las Vegas
      Edited with Crush Pack – Hard Light

      After and Before
      Nighttime Engagement Session in Los Angeles
      Edited with Modern Pack – Flare/Backlit

      After and Before
      Wedding in Pasadena
      Edited with Modern Pack – HDR

      So, to answer your question. Do we edit your photos? Yes we do and we don’t just slap filters but have a definitive process that works.



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