Arturo Sr. and Pat Jimenez are celebrating their Silver Anniversary in July and they decided to have a photo session with their family and themselves at the Happiest Place On Earth. We got the opportunity to meet the celebrants together with the rest of their family – Reina, Arturo Jr. their cute baby Elias, Christina, Adryan, and the newly engaged couple in the family Angel Jimenez and Annie Ventura. The Jimenez family was a lot of fun. They knew how to pose in front of the camera and needless to say, they looked real good. We got blessed that day for we got the Toon Town to ourselves for 10 minutes and I know that never happens. Thanks to the staff of Disneyland, they went out of their way to accommodate our request to let us in early. The 2 hours went by fast but we had a blast and we’d like to share the photos. JimenezFamilyDisneyland-1 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-2 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-3 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-4 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-5 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-6 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-7 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-8 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-9 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-10 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-11 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-12 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-13 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-14 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-15 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-16 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-17 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-18 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-19 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-20 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-21 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-22 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-23 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-24 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-25 JimenezFamilyDisneyland-26  

      Here is a slideshow to see more of the photos that we took for the family.