Red Carpet Pose

      How to NOT Have CHEESY Wedding Portraits

      Even though wedding portraits are posed… no one wants portraits that LOOK posed. The more candid and authentic your portraits look the BETTER.

      Now there are tons of ways to ensure this… but just in case you have a photographer who doesn’t know what he’s doing, here’s one of the MAIN tips you can do.

      I call it the Red Carpet Pose.

      So what is it?

      This is the stance that we typically see when celebrities come through the red carpet.


      Red Carpet

      When posing using the “Red Carpet” technique, your shoulders have to be close to each other and forming a V.

      Your fiancé’s arm has to be behind you and your arm can be relaxed or behind him as well.

      The Hands and Legs

      To make this look flawless, let’s combine what we have learned above.

      For the female:

      • Point your toe, bend your knee and shift your weight back.
      • Your arms need to be apart from your side. Here you can do the traditional hand on the waist pose or drag your arm and elbow out. (See photo)

      For the male:

      • Stand with your one knee bent just like waiting in line at a grocery store.
      • You can have your hands on your side or inside your pant pocket.

      Now check out my on next page:


      You are able to turn this simple pose to get amazing photos by just doing simple variations without moving around.

      • You can both look at each other, have her look at the photographer and vice versa.
      • Turn the female’s shoulder towards the camera and the result will be different.
      • Hand placement can also yield a different photo.

      Here are some samples.