Rochelle Domantay Debut Photo and Video Highlight

After 18 years and months of preparation, on Oct. 20, 2012 Rochelle Domantay celebrated her Debut Ball. She is an 18 year old talented, focused and beautiful individual that her parents had honed her to become.
She recently celebrated her Debut Ball and Let’s Make A Memory was there at the Holiday Inn Buena Park to witness and celebrate with her for this momentous occasion of her life. Thank you Rose and Freddie Domantay for having us at Rochelle’s Debut Ball. This is one that will be in the books of history for the years to come.


We also would like to share her Pre-Debut Event Photo Session

Rochelle-2 Rochelle-21 Rochelle-75 Rochelle-72 Rochelle-67 Rochelle-112 Rochelle-49 Rochelle-110 Rochelle-48 Rochelle-100 Rochelle-39 Rochelle-89 Rochelle-22 Rochelle-84