Best Reactions On A Wedding Day

      At all kinds of events, photographs are the next most important thing, even more so on a wedding day.

      So, it stands to reason that I always prioritize my must-have photo list more than anything else on my client’s special day.

      The best reactions are only a portion of the captured photographs that I take — even more so on engagement shoots and weddings.

      These are best kept as printed photos safely tucked in a wedding album; the kind of memories my clients will cherish forever and can be passed onto future generations.

      I always make sure that I capture an emotional response from the preparation time all the way through the end of the wedding event.

      In wedding photography, one of the best parts is the photos with the best reactions.

      Whether you’re walking on the arm of your dad, mom, or both — you’ll treasure this moment forever.

      Whether you’re sparklers, confetti, or any other type of creative exit, I make sure they are captured! If your reception will go late into the night, consider staging the moment so I get the best shots before everyone leaves.

      Timidity won’t get you “the shot,” so sometimes you need courage (and lots of it) to capture a moment.

      Getting photos with the best reaction does not magically come out of thin air. Timing is everything, and planning ahead to get in the proper position for key moments is important so as not to disrupt the event.

      I try to move my way around during a wedding ceremony at least 5 times, but that is to get in sync with long readings, sermons, and songs.

      During the formal shots, be bold, know and express all those emotions that overpower you on your wedding day.

      It is your wedding and a very special day at that, and let the emotions commence.

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