Tips For Family Photos

      Creatively speaking, I am fueled by taking photos of life’s one of the most important and once-in-a-lifetime moments, along with understanding the importance of being good at photographing beautiful wedding family photos.

      Weddings are close to my heart, and the commitment that they stand for. However, I do know that because it’s an important day, stress levels can run high. My services on a wedding day can go from being a photographer to being a part-time bridesmaid, timeline coordinator/enforcer, and sometimes a listening ear.

      I have no complaints about these. In fact, it shows the life of being a wedding photographer here in Los Angeles.

      Glendale California Family Wedding Photography

      Part of the wedding planning process is for us to come up with a list of your family photos after your wedding ceremony as this can run longer depending on your guest list and your family dynamics.

      Creativity is key here, and I love to capture the happiness that lies behind the eyes and actions of the families of the future married couple.

      Let’s take family photos to a whole new level so schedule a booking with us here!