How To Create A Moodboard

For example, you might love the angle or composition, a specific pose, the type lighting, the style of post-production or any other component of the photograph or video highlight. Your board allows our entire team, from the photographers and cinematographers all the way to the post producers, album designers, and video editors to get on the same page and clearly understand your preferences.

Moodboard vs Shot List

A Moodboard is NOT a “shot list.”  A “shot list” is a detailed list of must-have shots for the photographer to follow and check off throughout the wedding day.  This type of checklist is discouraged, as it inhibits a photographer’s creativity and focuses his or her attention on duplicating and recreating, rather than innovating and originating.

How to Create a Moodboard for Photography

  1. Create/login to your Pinterest account and start a public mood board titled “Engagement.”
  2. Go to the Let’s Make A Memory Page.
  3. Browse through the images and Pin 10-20 images you like with a few simple words on why you like about that image. (I.E. I love the color, their wardrobe, the location, or the emotion, etc). If you can’t find any images that inspire you, you can search on Pinterest as well.

Characteristics of an Ideal Moodboard

Here are a few characteristics of an ideal Moodboard:

  • It does not have too many images (20-30 is just fine)
  • It is NOT a shot List
  • It has detailed descriptions

Before your scheduled session or wedding, our team will get in touch with you and do a run down with your moodboard so as to understand your vision fully and together we can make more memory.

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