Wardrobe Guide – What To Wear For Engagement Sessions

      What To Wear For Engagement Sessions

      Your engagement session is finally approaching. If you have not picked your outfit, don’t worry. We are here to provide you with some tips for your wardrobe.

      1) Pick an outfit that fits your personality. This can be something that you love doing such as hiking or playing sports. Nonetheless, if you are into fashion and you like dressing in a long gown or dress (suit in the case of your fiancé, feel free to choose that as the more time that you put in choosing your outfit, the better your session is going to be.

      2) Wearing plain and avoiding stripes and patterns is another part of our recommendation as an outfit with a lot of designs or prints can draw away the attention from your face.

      3) If you are choosing the color of your outfit, Red always looks fantastic in the photograph and other darker colors can make you look slimmer and lighter colors can make you look the opposite.

      4) Shoes can also be an integral part of your wardrobe as this can make you comfortable or otherwise. Generally, we recommend wearing flats while walking and slipping into your favorite stilettos or pumps when ready to be photographed can make a night and day difference for comfort. It’s nice to have flip flops ready as well when the session is at the beach as walking barefoot might lead to cuts especially when walking on large rocks such as the beaches in Laguna Beach. Men can typically wear either black dress shoes or sneakers depending on their chosen outfit. Although, you can have matching shoes to show your personality.

      5) You can bring props to your engagement session. Another idea is to bring your pet, or set up a picnic session.

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